Capri. The sirens island, the blue island, we dedicate this new creation by Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino to this place symbol of Mediterranean beauty, to its history and culture.
Capri enchants with its fusion of Mediterranean elegance and modern confort.
The glazed stoneware tiles, with their generous size in 60x60cm, feature a glossy textured finish, creating a unique and eye catching surface. The warm tones and textures inspired to the Mediterranean style transport the beauty of coastal landscapes directly into your space.
Unique, incomparable, timeless, coherent with our company identity, it represents the perfect combination between tradition and contemporaneity, making any space an ode to the timeless charm of Mediterranean culture.
The Capri collection, with its different shades inspired to iconic places such as La Piazzetta, Grotta Azzurra, I Faraglioni, Punta Tragara, Villa Malaparte, and Le Grottelle, stands as an ode to Mediterranean eclecticism. From the elegant and bright tones to the deeper and enveloping ones, each color conveys a unique atmosphere, adaptable to various contexts.
Whether creating a relaxing bathroom, a luxurious bedroom or a versatile living room, the Capri collection proves to be a sophisticated and timeless choice, bringing Mediterranean charm directly into your living.

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