La Lampara

It is at sunset that he begins to sail, he waits for darkness, then, as if by magic, the great light of the prow and the light of hope switch on. Fishing begins, the oldest, the lampara.
And there they are, shining like stars in the night, suspended in the dark, between sky and sea, each one with its white wake, creating an evocative and romantic scenario.
During the warm summer evenings on the barely rippling sea, the lampara, chasing away the shadows of darkness, paints a magic and hypnotic light, creating a kaleidoscope of refractions in which the colours of the sea chase each other from white to deep blue, from sudden grey to green, to blue, drawing different and unexpected geometries.
Observing, imagining, designing, from the light of La Lampara, a new Mediterranean and contemporary idea of Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino is born. 20x20 stoneware tiles with abstract backgrounds and decorations. Vivid colours and sinuous lines intertwine to create evocative motifs that evoke the mysterious lights of lampara shining in the darkness of the sea of the Amalfi Coast. This unique collection represents a fascinating combination of tradition and creative design that recalls the magical and authentic atmospheres of local seascapes.
These tiles are not just decorative elements for wall or floor coverings, but they give every room a unique character and timeless charm that tells stories of the sea, tradition and a passion for beauty and authenticity. With their abstract decorations and their inspiration from coastal lampas, these tiles transform any space in which they are placed into an full of charm and poetry.

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